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TurnitIn – Saving options


When reviewing papers for plagiarism, TurnitIn stores this work in a database for use in later comparisons with other papers. This could be a problem for those who made a confidentiality agreement that prohibits sharing the document (often in FB2). An alternative would be to find a duplicate of the work.
Possible solutions:

1. Solution:

TurnItIn offers the possibility to control the saved work and the access to the work by third parties.

Various saving options can be selected under "advanced options" and under "submit work to":
  • Standard storage place: you can search for matches in this folder for work from educational institutions around the world.
  • Institutional filing: A private database that only other people in your educational institution can access and search for matches.
  • Choice of workstation: The student can specify where his file is to be sent.
  • No filing: Our database looks for matches to this file but does not save a copy to check the document for collaboration or future matches with other works.
If one chooses here e.g. "Institute filing" or "no filing", a transfer is theoretically no longer possible. A disadvantage of this solution is that the option applies to the entire work. So, if you create a task for all theses, then the choice applies to all work. This limits the evaluations in the future.

2. Solution:

If one transfers the upload to the students, one could use the option "choice of the filing (student)". Ideally, students should be asked to select "standard tax" as a rule and to choose one of the two options mentioned above only if they have a confidentiality statement.

3. Solution:

The supervisor will stop the work himself (under a 2nd Turnitin account and option "Student choice") and selects a suitable option for each work.
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