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Mutual Evaluation

Phase 1: preparation

  1. switch on editing
  2. "Create activity or work material".
  3. select "mutual evaluation" (engl. "workshop")
  4. fill in or adapt form fields, in particular "Instructions for submission" and "Notes on evaluation
  5. "Edit evaluation sheet": Describe criteria exactly, define respective maximum points or categories
  6. save
You move on to the next phase. If you feel a little more confident in the activity, you can set up data in advance to automatically switch between phases.

Phase 2: submission phase

  1. students discontinue work
  2. the teachers see the number of expected and already submitted papers
  3. you choose "Assign submissions
    We recommend the "Random Assignment" tab to randomly distribute entries to reviewers.
  4. at the "Number of evaluation orders" you choose how many evaluation orders are assigned per submission or per evaluator
  5. select "Save changes
Now you can go to the next phase

Phase 3: evaluation phase

  1. students can rate the work and are shown the previously defined and described categories
  2. you as a teacher can/should also give an evaluation and can then give it more weight as a final step
  3. after saving you can switch to the evaluation phase

Phase 4: rating phase

Now the overall evaluation is determined. This is made up of the evaluation for the submitted work of the evaluations of the work of others. By weighting your own evaluation, you can avoid any possible agreements.

The participants cannot see anything at this stage. You have the possibility to manually overwrite the points for the assessment (not for the submission) with the participants. You can also switch to the appraisal phase - then you may have to recalculate the assessments (see above: *A)

You can then switch to the last phase.

Phase 5: "closed"

After completing the activity, students can see their scores, assessments and any comments.
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