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The option "content" carries all datas that are connected to your account and that can be reused when creating a page or collection.

Those can be divided into the following categories:

Profile & Profile Pictures

In the menu profile you have the opportunity to fullfill your contant and personal information. You can add single elements to your profile fields that can be used either o your profile site or in one of your pages. That way you get to choose what and how much information you want to publish and share. The menu has several options to fill out:

→ About me

Since you are using your university email to log in, Mahara will synchronize your first and surname. All the other informations are optional for you to fill out. The nickname is the name under which you will be found in Mahara by other users. If you do not want your whole name to be seen by others you can choose your nickname to be your user name. You can choose your nickname randomly. Under "Introduction" you get to introduce yourself briefly.

→ Contact Information

Mahara gives you the opportunity to use your contact information for your pages. They will only be available if you publish those pages. Until than you're the only that has access to those datas.

→ Social Media

You can link your social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype etc. Those informations will only be accessible when publishing them.

→ Generel

Those settings are mostly for users that are using Mahara for work. You can add information about your job.

Under profile pictures you can add up to 5 profile pictures and choose one as your initial profile picture. You can also choose not to have an initial picture. The picture has to be at least 16x16 and maximum 1170x1170 pixels. Squared pictures are ideal. We advise you to choose a picture or to compromise one into a size of 100x100 pixels since it will look the best on your profile.


Here you will find all your pictures, documents and other datas which can be reused for your pages. You can upload them either with the upload button or via Drag&Drop. If you wish to you can add files and sub-files. There will be a file with all of your profile pictures, generated by the system. The files and your data can be moved without the linking being interrupted. Your total diskspace is 50MB. You have the opportunity to download all your files as Zip-files.


The word Journals implements Webblogs. That way your get to write small texts with your thoughts and experiences and link them with signal words. Usually, there is only one blog per user. But you do have the opportunity to add and manage several blogs. You can write reviews about other peoples blogs.


Within my biography you can create your very own online-CV. You can use either the whole biography or just parts of it for your pages. You can add personal information like date of birth nationality as well as information about your educational background. Under successes you get to add certificates and appraisels and information about published work of yours.

Goals and Competencies is divided into several topics. Goals is divided into: personal goals, academic goals and goals career wise. You can use academic goals to write about the goals within your college time and the goal for your college finals.

Competencies is also divided into: personal, academic and career wise. Employers are always interested in which competencies you possess and how you would integrate into a community or group projects.

Last but not least you can name your hobbies and interests.

Plans & Notes

Plans is giving you the opportunity to write your long-term to-dos. One plan can consist of several individual tasks and one combined deadline.

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