Greenscreen recording

At the HWR a video room for a professional video recording is available. There are three different backgrounds (white, grey and green). The so-called Greenscreen is used to insert backgrounds. A few things have to be taken into account to make a green screen shot good.

Preparation and setup



  • wrinkle-free,
  • no green,
  • as little fine-meshed and small squared as possible (prevent moire effect)


  • First illuminate Greenscreen evenly, then foreground / subject (The background color should have a luminance of 55% in the corresponding color channel of the camera)
  • Best 2 lamps for the green screen at an angle of 45° to the background
  • Light for subject is 45° to the camera
  • Use the zebra pattering to detect overexposure before shooting without subject


  • No kinks in the greenscreen
  • Subject as far away from background as possible (min. 1 m)
  • Observe proportions
  • Do not use autofocus when shooting
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