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The activity “Games” offers the possibility to create a series of interactive games based on the various questions from existing tests or a collection of questions and glossaries:

Book with questions

It is based on the activity “Book”. The next chapter can be opened after answering the question correctly. Many types of questions can be used such as multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, and other types as well.


This game uses words from the glossaries or short answer questions from tests as terms for the hangman. As a lecturer, you can set the number of words in the game, whether the first or last letter should be displayed, and whether the question or answer should be displayed at the end.


When creating a crossword puzzle, you can add the maximum number of lines and columns that set the minimum or the maximum number of words, as well as the intro and end text.

Participants can click on "Check crossword puzzles" to check their answers. The puzzles are generated dynamically and look different every time you try them. As a source of questions, glossary entries and short answer questions can be used. When creating the crossword puzzle, you can view and delete your previous play attempts.

Snakes and Ladders

By correctly answering the questions in the ladder game, you can advance depending on the dice. When the turn ends on the start field of a ladder, you advance to the top of the ladder. If you end up on a snake, you move back to the field which is closer to the start. The question sources are glossaries and short answer questions.


This game generates a Sudoku puzzle that does not contain enough digits to solve it. With each correctly answered question, a number is added to make the sudoku easier to solve. As a source of questions, glossary or course answer questions, multiple-choice questions, true/false questions can be used.

Hidden Picture

In this game, a random hidden picture is taken from a glossary. This glossary term or picture becomes the main question of the game. There is a question associated with each number in the picture, and when the question has been answered correctly, the corresponding area of the picture becomes visible. The image can also be taken from another glossary if the existing glossary does not contain images. Questions: Glossary, Course Response Questions, Multiple Choice Questions, True / False Questions.


in this simulation of the well-known "Who wants to be a millionaire?", the game continues until there is a wrong answer. With every correct answer, the virtual amount increases. Just like the original, there are three jokers available. The source is multiple-choice questions with four possible answers, one of which is correct.
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