Information about Equipment and Camera Settings


The video team is in posession of two radio microphones as well as one with cardioid polar pattern and one with spherical characteristics.

For testing just speek into the microphone, do not knock or whistle.

Radio Microphone
  • 2 available
  • always look out for the frequency and battery
  • be careful with plugging it in to avoid crackling
Microphone with Cardioid Polar Pattern:
  • most common
  • sound will be best absorbed at the front, sound from the back will be absorbed poorly
  • lower risk of howl/feedback
  • the closer you get to the microphone the more deep frequencies will be removed
Microphone with Spherical Characteristics:
  • sound is being absorbed equally from all directions
  • no certain angle necessary, distance to sound source does not influence frequency response
  • sounds most natural and has lowest wind noise
  • high risk of howl/feedback


Canon XA35
  • manual mode
  • recording mode and aperture
    • Func -> Aufnahmeprogramm -> TV (Blendenautomatik), this is where you can adjust the aperture (currently 1/120)
  • file format:
    • Func -> Menu -> 2nd Tab -> Filmformat (we are using MP4)
-> recording mode (we are using 24 Mbps)
  • white balance:
    • Func -> Weißabgleich -> Symb 1 -> weißes Blatt Papier -> WB Set
  • Full Auto off!
  • adjusting aperture: button Shutter, use the arrow keys next to it to select (currently 1/25)
  • file format: Menu -> System -> Aufnahmeformat
    -> Format: Quicktime (mov)
    -> Bildrate (frame rate) : 25p
    -> Bitrate: 35M (UHQ)
  • Weißabgleich (white balance) : (WHT BAL auf A oder B)
-> white piece of paper -> press front button AWB/9 until adjusted

Please adjust the white balance every time before using the camera!
Please always use sound while filming since it is necessary for the synchronisation later!
Check sound of the cameras with earphones

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