Enrol participants to a moodle course

Usually lecturers and students are automatically enrolled in the courses in the roles Dozent /-in or Teilnehmer/-in / Student/-in.

If you want to add users to an automatically created course, please use the role Gastdozent/-in, Gaststudent/-in oderStudentische Hilfskraft.

(More information about the role system within Moodle can be found here.)

What are the options?

The students enroll themselves into the course

This enrollment method is useful, for example, for the following scenarios: elective courses in Department 2 or general information courses (e.g. internship). You can find more detailed information here.

The teacher enrolls additional users in the course

1. Open the course, where you want to add new users and click there on the gear icon to the right of the course name. The course administration opens and in the tab Users click on "Enrolled users".

Then you see an overview of all enrolled users in the course.

2. Click on the button "Enrol users".

Now there appears a window, where you can add users. It is important to select the role first at "Assign role" - e.g. Studentische Hilfskraft or Gaststudent/in.

----- Attention: The roles "Dozent /-in" and "Teilnehmer/-in / Student/-in" are synchronized by the system. Additional users must be enrolled via another role! (E.g. Studentische Hilfskraft, Gaststudent/in,...) -----

3. Once the role has been selected and the name of the participant has been selected or searched for, you can click on the button "Register users".
If required, several users can be selected and enrolled at the same time.
Please make sure that the correct user has been selected and has the right role.

4. After that the additional user will be listed in the Participants overview.

Opening a course for guests

Guests are users who have no access to the moodle system of HWR Berlin. Guests have reading rights in the course but can not participate in any activities. They are also not listed among the participants.
For information on how to set up guest access to your course, click here.
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