Import course contents

Restore data from a course

If you want to reuse content from older Moodle courses in current courses, you can use the Import feature. You select the course that contains the content you want to reuse, decide in particular what content you want to import into the new course. User data from forums and content from student-centered activities like the glossary etc. are not imported.

1. You start with the Moodle course, into which contents should be imported. Then click on the gear wheel in the top right to get to the course administration.

2. Click on "Import"
If the course with the contents that should be imported is listed as one of the first ten, it can be selected directly. Otherwise you can search and select the appropriate course in the search bar at the bottom.

3. Then select the correct course by clicking the small circle on the left. Then click on "Continue".

4. After clicking on "Continue", you will get to the import settings. In the step "2. Initial settings" you have to decide in general, what the import should include. In step "3. Schema settings" you can decide which contents in particular should be imported.


5. On the last page you can check your selection and confirm it by clicking the "Import" button.

6. There may be a short wait. Then you can click on "Continue" to get to the course. The contents have been imported and are visible there.

A detailed written instruction on the topic "import course data" can be found here.
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