Checklist for video recording

If you want to record an event or a person successful, various things have to be considered. The following checklist is intended to support you in your project.

Check in advance:

  • Cameras charged
  • Enough free Space on the SD-cards
  • Batteries in all microphones
  • For new rooms, check the conditions on site (Light situation, frame,…)
  • Discuss together with the lecturer structure and procedure (how many speakers, breaks, discussions)

Take material with you:

  • 2 cameras (+ SD-cards) and charging cables, if necessary.
  • 2 camera tripods
  • 3 headlights + 3 tripods
  • 1 (with two speakers 2) radio Microphones + receiver
  • 1 microphone + 1 microphone tripod for recording the audience
  • 2 headphones
  • power stripes, spare batteries
  • Presenter, if necessary
  • Plant(s), if necessary
  • White sheet of paper (white balance)

Before the recording:

  • Arrange on the positions of the speakers
  • ALWAYS make white balance!
  • Adjust Shutter/aperture for the presentation (currently we use Canon 1/120, JVC 1/25 ) → avoid a flickering image
  • Connect the radio microphone(s) to camera 1, static microphone to camera 2.
  • Switch all microphones on and test them with the speakers, dB-amplitude should be around 10, check sound quality and volume with a headphone (on both cameras)
  • Check current light conditions and positions of the speaker (is he sitting, standing?). The lighting installation should be adapted to, not vice versa!
  • Arrange the responsibilities beforehand (who capture the wide shot/normal/close)

During the recording:

  • Check the Sound on every Camera with Headphones, not just the dB-amplitude. Adjust with the wheel carefully if the speaker speaks to loud or to quiet
  • With 2 radio microphones: If only 1 speaker speaks over a longer period of time (e.g. Presentation alone), turn-off the second radio microphone.
  • Always record the sound from all cameras (if there is no additional micro, use the internal camera microphone)
  • Check the image on every camera
  • Everytime the light conditions or the position of the speaker change, the lighting installation must, if necessary, rearranged. If possible during the break.
  • This applies to the images settings also. During the recording just in emergencies (e.g. flickering image)
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