An introduction

A blog is a diary or journal that is kept on a website. It is usually public. At least one person keeps records, logs facts or writes down thoughts. The most recent entry always comes first. The topic of the articles is clearly in the focus, the written articles are not intended for changes. The included linking with open Internet sources offers the reader the possibility to get deeper into the described topic.

Often a blog is "endless", i.e. a long, chronologically sorted list of entries. For authors and readers, this provides an easy-to-use medium for presenting aspects and opinions on specific topics. In most cases, comments or discussions of the readers about an article are allowed and desired. The medium can be used for storing notes in a note box, for the exchange of information, thoughts and experiences as well as for communication.

Webblogs help to network people with similar interests, they promote the exchange of knowledge, the initiative and creativity of the users. In addition they train the individual learning and writing skills of the students and promote the ability to reflect their work. The integration of examples and pictures as well as the linking of external sources of information practices the handling of external material.

The eLerner Blog of the HWR Berlin is based on Wordpress and allows to assign each contribution to categories (which can be freely created). The corresponding navigation elements are automatically generated. Furthermore, the system offers reader comments with the possibility to check them before publication as well as a central link management, an administration of user roles and rights and the possibility to use external plugins, with which WordPress can be expanded in the direction of a full content management system.

Teaching scenarios

  • Documentation of learning progress
  • Group weblog - as a writing workshop
  • Accompaniment and reflection during semesters abroad or internships
  • Documentation and reflection of learning material
  • Exercise in writing competence (e.g. in foreign language teaching)
  • Documentation of developments within a subject area (example: business law news) or within a project
How you can design your own blog at the HWR can be found in the following instructions.
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